• Experienced supporting personnel
  • 24x7x365 access to tier 3
  • 100% controlled decisions for SuperMicro servers
  • Monitoring of all servers 24/7
  • Several basic providers
  • 99.9% uptime

Serverius data center is a reliable choice for placement in the Netherlands 

Providing virtual and dedicated servers for renting to our customers, many times we have answered questions concerning choosing this or that DPC (data processing center) or based on what characteristics we consider placement in a specific country to be prospective in comparison with any other ones.

Today we have decided to expound our position in the review about Serverius Data Center by giving detailed answers to two questions:


1. What is Serverius Data Center?

2. Why placement in the Netherlands is more reliable?


Serverius Data Center: review of the main characteristics

Serverius Data Center

 Building of Serverius Data Center has been designed in compliance with all technological standards under complete maintenance and support of ICTroom. It is located in a comfortable place in the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam. This lets use all generally accessible recourses and possibilities of the capital, if necessary. The building area is 1000 sq.m, 200 of which are for office spaces and the rest 800 are intended for placement and provision of undisturbed operation of network equipment.

General information:

− Equipment infrastructure: 2N и N+1 according to the NEN 1010 standard;

− Reliability level: Tier II и Tier III+;

− Number of server rooms: 3;

− Total number of server racks: 340 (data room No. 1 – 60, data room No. 2 – 140, data room No. 3 – 140);

− Racks capaciousness: up to 48U;

− Maximum weight load per one rack: 1500 kg;

− Full rack power supply: up to 4 × 32 A;

− Special feature of server racks: individual cooling system;

− Reserved cooling: N+1, reserved for electrical power system 2N;

− Constant temperature regime: 21°C (with maximum fluctuation ± 5°C);

− Main cooling principle: cold corridor

The Data Center is connected to the electrical power system with 10 kV rate. This will let increase the power consumption level easily with further development.  For today approximately 2MW are used. DPC follows ecologically clean decisions. At that, it is eager to obtain the maximum efficiency. Its efficiency factor of energy use is very low – less than 1.3

Serverius Company possesses ISO 9001 certificate that confirms its level of good organization in the sphere of rendering specialized services.

Serverius certificaat


Safety and reliability.

Serverius provides reliable powerful environment for placement of server hardware with high level of fall-over protection and backup (Tier 3 ultimate level). There are uninterruptible power systems and diesel generators used; they are prepared for providing continuous power supply within more than 96 hours in any emergency case.

All rooms of the Data Center are equipped with modern systems of conditioning, climate control, fire detection and prevention. At that, all of them, including generators and distributors, are managed by separate specialized suppliers under conditions of contracts that have been concluded with them. The Company publishes the signed contracts on open access for its customers to look through warranty obligations of the parties.

The DPC building is a fireproof construction with steel base and double concrete outwalls. The whole territory is enclosed with metal fence under direct-current voltage 10 000 V and connected to the system of instant detection of any access event.

Besides, the security personnel monitors uncontrolled activity in all rooms 27 hours 7 days a week. For that, there are security cameras installed in various places (both inside and outside the building), this lets receive reports concerning the situation stability in the real time regime.

Serverius inside
Serverius inside 2

Resources provided to customers.

Serverius Data Center is not confined to any telecoms operator. Its peculiarity is in a complex combination of high level of services and a wide range of choices of available networks able to withstand extremely heavy load. All this gives the possibility to use technical potential of the created environment for building any private network with constantly stable efficiency.

By providing a stage for reliable collocation, the Company does not render any other additional services that could compete with its customers’ activity (such as web-hosting, telephony, equipment selling, etc.). Its work is completely oriented on qualitative support of work of created private networks.

On the next photo one can see a rack filled with servers in part:

Serverius inside 3
Serverius inside 4

The created DPC network in the center of the Netherlands is considered to be the efficiency leader among analogs outside the capital. It is connected with Amsterdam Data Centers with the help of various dark fiber channels from a big number of suppliers.

As said before, Serverius Data Center is on the fence concerning telecoms operators. This means customers can choose networks (or a combination of them) at their own and sole discretion.

Below is the list of the most popular operators which fibers are available in Serverius: AT&T, Bbned/ Bbeyond, BT, Deutsche Telecom, Esprit Telecom, Global Crossing, ICF Systems, Interoute, Level3, MZIMA Corporation, OVH, Priority Telecom, Qwest, RETN, Syniverse, Tele2 / Versatel, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Terremark, Tinet, Verizon Business Wholesale, Vodafone, Ziggo.

Customers can connect to one of the available Internet exchange points listed below:







− NetnodReach




Maintenance – support – monitoring.

A highly skilled team of certified specialists in Serverius Data Center carries out technical support and maintenance of server hardware. This confirms the fact that the Company approaches to solving issues of any scale with great skill and ability to solve any problem instantly.

The DPC has declared round-the-clock readiness to monitor undisturbed operation of the customers’ hardware. All employees work in concordance with the ISO 9001 norms; completely understand the profile and high status of the services rendered by the Company. That is why they react with immutable professionalism and politeness to all custom queries.

Technical staff can assist in fulfillment of various tasks with private hardware: assemble servers, move or install them in an appropriate rack, connect data cables and prepare everything needed for beginning remote tuning.

Customers of Serverius receive comfortable tools of remote control for their own equipment. With the help of them, one can fulfill flexible program customization of servers and use the possibilities of self-help service to the maximum without involving staff engineers.

In the Data Center there is a specialized department dealing with administration of complaints for customers’ resources. At that, firstly, the validity of a claim is determined and after that, corresponding measures are taken for its removal.

Abuses may be caused by illegal, malicious or amoral activity such as excessive spam distribution, fishing websites placement, publication of pornographic materials with children participating, etc. Subject to the root of the matter, a special status is given to it and this determines the term given to a customer to react on it.

The term to react means time given to a user to answer that he/she has taken on the issue. If the customer does not react to the notification within the given period, the IP-address of the server to the work of which an abuse has been sent, will be blocked until the situation is clarified completely.

The maximum time Serverius gives customers to react to an abuse with the lowest priority is 72 hours.


What are the advantages in placement in the Netherlands?

Having observed main characteristics of Serverius Data Center that is one of the prospective ones today, we can come close to the answer to the main question: why is it better in the Netherlands?

Firstly, it is difficult to find so good cohesiveness anywhere outside the Netherlands. Many people consider that if their recourse is intended for users from the CIS countries, it would be more reasonable to choose server stages on this territory. Unfortunately this is not so. Today’s imperfection of our networks does not let organize such access to websites that would be identical in any region of the states of the commonwealth and would compete with analogical indexes received when placing in the Netherlands. Besides, in this case coherency has unique character: it is simultaneously high for Europe, Asia and the USA.

Secondly, in view of legislation peculiarities in the Netherlands, some things that are prohibited in many countries can be allowed there. Here we mean publication of content “for adults” for placement of which one can be even brought to trial if published on servers in Ukraine or Russia, for example.

Thirdly, of course, we should not forget that it is also advantageously to place servers in the Netherlands. Nor example, services of the Serverius Data Center predetermine such level of reliability and possibilities for designing private networks which cannot be received in domestic DPC even by overpaying several times.



We offer services in renting servers from Serverius Data Center aiming to create the most comfortable variants for our customers to use all advantages in this environment. With our help, users receive heavy-duty equipment on a stable functional stage easily with no necessity of direct cooperation with employees of a foreign company.