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  • 24x7x365 access to tier 3
  • 100% controlled decisions for SuperMicro servers
  • Monitoring of all servers 24/7
  • Several basic providers
  • 99.9% uptime

Usage of information requested from customers
The information we request from you on a compulsory basis we need for rendering qualitative services and introduction of new ones which we render to users of the network. For example, if we need to issue you an invoice for services it would be impossible if we do not have information about the name of your company, the services it uses and the address it is registered at. Similarly, we need such information if we want to recommend you any other additional servers, etc.
Various information is also necessary for ensuring safe use of the King Servers network and services, particularly for solving disputes, judgments of fraudster s and violators who use our resources for their offensive goals. In rare cases it is possible that we provide such information to state authorities and third parties.
The information is transmitted via the King Servers corporate network with the goal to organize a more complete provision of customers with goods and services of the King Servers. We are also interested in our customers’ opinion and collect information concerning the quality of the design we use or design of products. As our network consists of small companies such transfer of information is natural.

Adequacy of the requested data
We have to make sure that the private data provided by a customer is adequate. For that we use the system of customers’ records verification. To a greater degree, the information we know about you, you can see on invoices we send you. Besides you can initiate a request for you data verification and inform the King Servers about any mistakes found as well as in case you see invalid data in an invoice sent to you.

Information security
Except databases where all information about our customers is stored we have additional information systems which are equipped with tools for information security, adequately to confidentiality of the data stored. Confidentiality of your information is also one of the conditions which the King Servers staff should observe. In case of non-observance of this norm employees bear their own responsibility for this.

Disclosure of information outside the King Servers
We do not use information about customers without their permission , we do not disclose it neither to third parties nor to state authorities. Transfer of information is possible only to companies which agree to the Agreement of its confidentiality, for example, if we widen the network of the King Servers companies for our business development.
Though, there are other cases when transfer of information is possible. These may be requests of governing or state authorities whose work we have no right to interfere both in the sphere of performance of their functions and in the sphere of insurance of security and legality of our network and services use. In case the disclosure of information is not reasoned by one of such factors, the King Servers should bear full responsibility for it. In case a customer’s information is requested by the court or there are other similar requests, we will surely inform you about them as well in case your data is used by the King Servers during a judicial proceeding concerning work of the corporate network.
Network confidentiality
You give us your information on a voluntary basis. This means that during visiting websites it is not obligatory that you give your data. This concerns identifying information. Other information relating to feedback of visitors of sites does not require identifying data. The system records your provider and IP address data, domain, browser and the operating system type. We also record pages of the resource you visit, from where you have come to the site and during what time you have stayed with us. During collection of this data visitors stay incognito. All the listed data is collected with the goal to improve our activity.
If you wish to transfer your identifying data you can do this in one of three ways: by using our services or by ordering services which includes registration, by accepting subscription or leaving an application stating your wish to work with us which also includes giving your data. In any case the information you give us will be used only for the purpose you assume giving it. If you have already put in for a job and decided to use the King Servers services later, in this case you will need to give your data according to the standard procedure.
Any your information cannot be disclosed except the above mentioned cases: the company amendment, cooperation with other companies. In all other cases any transfer of information about you is possible upon your permission only. In case of a necessity to register for an event a sponsor of which is not only the King Servers but other websites as well, your information will be transferred to them.
The King Servers websites contain links to various resources but this does not mean that the King Servers relates to confidentiality rules followed by these resources. You will have to clear up the confidentiality question by yourself before sending your data to these resources.

Method of communication
We as well as all companies which cooperate with us will contact you via e-mail. This may be required for notification about new servers or products, for advertisement of events. If you do not wish to receive such notifications from our partners and the King Servers directly you should send a request for the mailing cancellation.

Alterations in the confidentiality statement
We may need a more complete information about users during enlargement of our services number or improving of their quality. In this case appropriate alterations will be made in the confidentiality statement about what customers will be informed in proper time.
Your data confidentiality is a cast-iron rule for us that is why the King Servers will work for its perfection. If you have any questions concerning the Privacy Statement you can send them to the address: info@king-servers.com.