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King Servers policy

King Servers Acceptable Use Policy

The King Servers Company and its branches have implemented this Policy for encouragement of its customers (both the Company customers and other users) to responsible use of all products of the Company including systems, websites, services, etc. hereinafter referred to as “the King Servers network and services”. Compliance with this Policy allows us ensure security of our services for customers guaranteeing their reliability and effectiveness.


General Provisions
Customers may use our network and services according to their field of application only without violation of law by such use. This means that it is prohibited to use the King Servers resources for delivery, saving or distribution of data which:
• contradicts with norms of the law;
• does not comply with the copy right or use a trademark illegally, disclose a commercial activity secret, use intellectual property of other people, violate laws of publicity and confidentiality or prejudice interests of third parties;
• it is also prohibited to transmit information which is counterfeit, deliberately detractive, harmful, or abusive, etc., including distribution of viruses of any type;
• fraudulent offers, deceptive advertising and materials containing deliberately false information are prohibited;
• all data which may entail criminal or administrative responsibility of our Company staff is also prohibited.
• cryptocurrency mining is prohibited.


Responsibility for distributed data
The King Servers Company is not responsible for any information distributed or transferred by means of its network or services. The Company is responsible only for those materials which we place by ourselves or which we have ordered directly. Our staff has the right to edit any other material according to provisions of the law. The King Servers Company is responsible for data placed on its own sites only but not on third-party web-resources connected with the Company via the network. At that availability of a link is not an indicator of such responsibility but is a way to navigate through the network.


Messages which cannot be sent
Users of the network and services are not allowed to send messages which are undesirable or may influence the Company resources negatively. They include spam, that is mass advertising. It is prohibited to use your private King Servers account for sending spam or use mediators for fulfillment of such actions by means of our network and servers. A mediator means a network hoster or an associated resource. Other prohibitions include the following actions:
• distribution of offences or threats via e-mail;
• sending or such or other messages if an addressee has obviously expressed his/her unwillingness to receive them;
• sending of messages containing false information in their header;
• using mass mailing for sending offensive messages;
• using mail for saving data only;
• taking actions for sending messages which violate policies of other providers.
• cryptocurrency mining is prohibited.


Third parties and their role in the customer network
Customers using the King Servers network and services for visiting other web-pages, users’ networks, retrieval systems, chats, subscription services, voting boards, etc, should follow norms provided for their use if such norms are available for getting acquainted.
In case a user of the King Servers network and services adds his/her own messages or comments to any customer network he/she should acquaint himself/herself with the rules of such resource if they are divulged and follow them as well as familiarize himself/herself with the FAQ section where the mechanism of the network work is described. Irrespective of whether it is stated in these agreements, policy or section, users are expressly prohibited to:
• place the same material or a series of similar messages either in one or in several news sections, that is to arrange mass posting which is treated as spam;
• add or delete messages written by other users (this is allowed only if a user has the right to moderate the resource);
• accompany messages with headers containing false information;
• place false, abusive or harmful data including data transferred from one user to another one;
• leave unsigned messages.


System and network safety
Users do not have a right to infringe upon safety of the King Servers network or services which may include the following actions:
• cracking of data prohibited to view by a user;
• usage of a forbidden account;
• testing the security system of the King Servers network and servers ;
• violation of the safe use policy of the King Servers network and servers;
• impose heavy load threatening the possibility to render the King Servers services to other customers (spam letters, deliberate error invocation , etc.)
• sending false headers in messages for a newsline;
• desire to receive services for which a user does not have rights.
Since all such violations may entail responsibility of various kinds, the King Servers reserves the right not to examine such cases on its own but, if necessary, to involve the law machinery for bringing charges against users violating the safety standards.


Suspension of cooperation or its termination
The King Servers reserves the right to consider users being violators if they violate one of the norms of safety performance on the King Servers network or servers , which are covered by the Acceptable Use Policy. In case of such violation the King Servers may temporarily suspend rendering of services to such customers about what they will be informed beforehand, until such customers sing an agreement not to violate the policy norms in the future. Besides, if necessary, suspension of services may be made without delay and without giving a notice to a customer. In case of repeated violations, the King Servers may terminate servicing violators without giving them a notice beforehand. The King Servers reserves the right to choose a preventive or a repressive action and does not bear any responsibility in case such actions for restraining of violations of the Acceptable Use Policy cause a customer any material or any other loss.
The Acceptable Use Policy may be changed by the King Servers as and when necessary. Any innovations shall be subject to compulsory implementation at once after their publication on the network. After divulgation of the new changes any actions on the King Servers network or with the help of its services shall be treated as a customer’s agreement to them.