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  • 100% controlled decisions for SuperMicro servers
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  • Several basic providers
  • 99.9% uptime

Buy dedicated server

There is a wide range of choice on offer at the present time for companies providing dedicated servers. Here you can lease an entire server system just for you and your web pages. This is a much preferred choice as sharing a server means your organization does not have full control over your server as one would with a dedicated server. Server hosts provide customised dedicated servers by the hosting organisation and in many cases those organisations that choose a dedicated server can benefit from a greater return on their investment.

Huge data centres are the place where dedicated servers are positioned and in here they provide the power sources along with the heating, air ventilation and air conditioning used to protect both the dedicated servers and shared servers. So just who would best suit the need for a dedicated server? Ask yourself if your website is of paramount importance and critical to the nature of your business. Does it have high traffic? Is it a key function to the welfare of your company and could you make money without it? If the answers are yes, with the last answer being a no then you need a dedicated server that is quick and fit for purpose.

Dedicated web server hosts allow your website to gain focus and added security. The hosts will manage your dedicated server and you will gain the highest possible return for your investment. The host will manage all email traffic and can benefit greatly from an excellent performing website, solid security and control of your key data. Dedicated server costs can be rather high and are often used only by websites that are very popular and have page rankings higher than five. Operating systems are often included within the price of the servers and the most popular ones are Windows and Linux but UNIX is gaining popularity as an open-source network in recent years.

A dedicated server service has far more sway than one that is shared. An organization can have much more control over a dedicated server, although it would cost significantly more to the corporation. However, a dedicated server has several key advantages to companies, in particular the smooth running of its website and various pages and a down time of only 0.1 percent guaranteed in many instances.

Managed hosting servers are beneficial to any corporation's websites as it releases full control to the customer and its website.