Hacker attacks on Democratic Party services


King Servers (, which owns servers from which the hacker allegedly performed attacks on the United States Democratic Party, states the absence of any «Russian trace» in this cybercrime nor its own involvement. The company also reported that the attackers still owe the company $US290 for rental services and King Servers send an invoice for the payment to Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin, as well as the company reserves the right to send it to any other person who will be accused by mass media of this attack.King Servers, owned indeed by Russian nationals, provides VPS and VDS rental services of the equipment, physically located in the Netherlands. Earlier, after the FBI alert ( and analysis from Threat Connect ( -election-rabbit-hole /), the world’s leading media were spreading information about the discovery of the so-called «Russian trace» in the attacks on the United States democratic party in Illinois. The «Russian

DDoS-protection — tariff update


The total number of сountries attacked by botnets has increased to 74 in the first quarter of 2016. Nearly 85% of all of attacks happen in just 10 countries. China, the US and South Korea are the leaders. Russia remains in the top-5 of most attacked countries.The most popular day for attacks is Thursday, the greatest number of simultaneous attacks on a single resource is 33. Attacks' maximum duration is 197 hours. It is 30% less than in the 4th quarter of 2015. In general the average duration of attacks has decreased, however the frequency and complexity of DDoS has increased.For this reason, we have updated remote server protection tariffs. Now the minimal tariff is just 60$. More information about these tariffs is available here: In addition to remote protection, we offer several solutions for secure hosting. NORMAL tariff - 100$/m- 2 Gb of disk space;- 1 domain;- up

Update VDS tariffs and payment methods


We are glad to announce that we have updated our US and Netherland VDS configuration.

Free month with coupons


Use coupon 2mfastfree and get the 2nd month as a present for renting a dedicated server from the Instant Activation

Prohibition for Bitcoin applications


We are making a prohibition for use of applications for Bitcoin on virtual servers

New location


We offer our equipment place in the Netherlands. To see and order the configuration follow this link: Dedicated Hosting > Netherlands

Изменения на сайте


Обновили дизайн сайта. Добавили функцию автоматического заказа выделенного сервера и виртуального без предварительного контакта с отделом заказов. Ждем Вас :)



The cost of DirectAdmin has changed up to 10$/m for a dedicated server and for 5$/m for a virtual one.

Configuration changes


Hello! he configuration of our site has been changed. The amount of the traffic is now 4000Gb.