DDoS protection for providers and end-users
Today it’s very easy to start massive multi-gigabit attack. That’s why we offer a powerful and affordable DDoS-protection service.

Flexible prices
We provide several types of services with different pricing, so you can choose what’s suitable for you. Contact us using online chat, email or phone to specify the details.

It’s very easy to integrate this DDoS protection. You can choose different ways of traffic passage - GRE, crossconnection, VLAN etc. The filter works in “in-line” and “out-path” modes, through this, you can adjust clearance for incoming traffic, while outgoing traffic can pass an ordinary way.

- Secured 300G network

- Traffic goes through GRE, VLAN, or crossconnection

- L3-L7 OSI protection

- Managed filtration by using NOC-engineers.

Protection against any DDoS-attacks

We use modern actualization technology  based on machine learning and access to protected databases. DDoS-protection can resist all existing types of attacks:

- TCP Connection Flood Attack Defense

- SYN Flood

- ACK Flood

- SYN/ACK, RST Flood

- TCP Abnormal Defense

- Abnormal Session Check

- DNS Amplification

- NTP Amplification

- UDP Flood Attack Defense

- UDP Fragment Attack Defense

- DNS Defense (Unique Configuration Item of the Cache Server)

- Unique Configuration Item of the Authorization Server

- DNS Reply Flood Attack Defense

- Packet format checks

- SIP Source detection Defense

- HTTP Attack Defense (Statistics Based on Destination IP Address)

- HTTP Source Authentication Defense

- Fingerprint learning

- HTTP Fingerprint Learning

- HTTP Slow Attack Defense

- HTTP Source IP-based URI Behavior Monitoring

- HTTPS Source Authentication Defense

- SSL Defense

- DNS Flood

- NXDomain

- Mixed SYN + UDP or ICMP + UDP Flood

- UDP flood-associated TCP service defense

- The filter works in “in-line” and “out-path” modes

- Incoming and outgoing traffic are not limited!

- We don't use any external cleaning services, what means that delay will be minimal

- It maybe used for your Layer2 and Layer3 BGP-transit traffic

- GRE filtration, crossconnection, colocation and reverse proxy.

Environment of multi-level DDoS protection

We use a multi-level cleaning - routing based filtration, hardware firewall and other hardware tools. The system can endure a 100Gbps+ DDoS-attack depending on the type of attack. We don't use any external cleaning services - that’s why our filters are the one of the fastest in the European market. That’s why this is a best solution for corporate clouds, telecommunications, low delayed VOIP, game servers and other IT-infrastructures.