• Full RCON management
  • Low ping
  • Online 24/7
  • Possibility to set your own assembly up
  • Built-in backing-up system
  • Possibility to install plug-ins to the server automatically
  • Convenient tasks system
  • Possibility to create MySQL data base
  • Full automation – you receive your server upon payment!
  • Instant tariffs changing
  • We do not limit our customers – all RCON commands are allowed
  • Allows people from any place of the world play without any lags. Optimal ping within the territory Russia and CIS
  • Servers work 24/7
  • Support of the latest games versions
  • More than 10000 plug-ins
  • Map restoration/backup at any point
  • If you wish to restart the server at a certain time you should just specify date and time
  • MySQL means accessibility irrespectively of the server placement, website interaction, simultaneous reading and writing

Successes and grieves of Minecraft

The product created by Markus Petersson, Swedish game-designer has become the hit and one of the biggest shocks of the season-2011. That was Minecraft game that has received tearing popularity in the gamblers’ circles as well as among simple Internet users. Specialists have difficulty to explain this phenomenon until now. The game that has been created literally on knees one week before its official release, having quite primitive graphics as for its time (cannot be compared to the latest versions of Need for speed, such network monsters as World of Tanks or let’s say Assasin Creed IV), rather straightforward  story ( in the Survival game mode) has literally gripped the world. Schoolchildren, office workers killing their time till their boss comes and even some smart pensioners play it. Servers of Minecraft are overloaded with never-ending stream of people willing to join the strict aesthetics of the square world. Numerous video reviews are made after Minecraft, new modes are created and even cartoons are shot.   

Modifications (modes) let diversify the world of Minecraft with new blocks with their properties, objects (purely decorative or functional ones) and creatures (mobs). By the way, mobs from Minecraft can serve a theme for a separate article. They can be friendly or aggressive, able to be tamed or not.  Subject to time of day the same mob can change its behavior style. For example, in the daytime spiders attack players only if they tread on their leg attack them but at night they attack with no apparent reason. In Minecraft mobs appear only at close quarters to a player or in specially designated areas of the game map (they do not live on their own in the world).
By the way, speaking about worlds. There are several worlds in Minecraft: ordinary (remotely reminds the real Earth – it has mountains and undergrounds, rocks and villages), stretched, super-plane one and the world with big biomes. It is difficult to describe differences between the worlds. But if you play in the stretched world once you won’t mix it with the ordinary or with the super-plane one. Besides, the game creators have foreseen a possibility to set initial parameters of the world at one’s sole discretion (a world created in such mode is called individual one). 

Minecraft has received unprecedentedly high rating among users all over the world. According to estimation of Eurogamer.net, the popular European online media, the game deserves 10 out of 10 competitive grades. I should say that by the current 2014 the popularity of Minecraft has not decreased but it has expanded undulatory all over the world. The tsunami of Minecraft success has not bypassed any Internet zone. Worlds of cubes are created not only in Europe (where the idea of Minecraft has been born) and in the USA but also in Russia, China, Latin American countries and in many other places of the planet. Though, the tearing popularity of Minecraft do users a number of inconveniencies – dancing pings interfering to take pleasure of the favorite game, complex installation of plugins and regularly shutting-down servers of Minecraft because of DDos-attacks – this is the sad side of the “square world”. Your own gaming hosting can save from this. Rented slots of a server let enjoy battles with virtual monsters, generation of your own Minecraft- creations and other game delights in full.  

By using Minecraft hosting for placing your server one should not doubt that pings will be stably low (of course, if your provider grants sufficient signal level), the server will be available always and plug-ins and regular modifications will be installed easily. Besides, almost all servers granting Minecraft hosting services have detailed instructions concerning setting your own core with modes that makes the setting up process maximum easy and clear.  

Rent a Minecraft server and enjoy your favorite game 24 hours a day.